Nick Clegg announces UCAS style vocational website

Nick CleggThe government is to introduce a “UCAS style one stop online shop” for 16 year olds who don’t feel university is for them.

In a speech to schoolchildren in south London, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg announced the website will offer searches for college courses, apprenticeships and traineeships. It will be based on the website of university admissions body Ucas.

Mr Clegg said “Ultimately, I want to see this process become a rite of passage for every 16-year-old.

“At the moment, if you want to go to university, all the information you could ever need about how to do that is available to you via the Ucas website. You can research different universities and courses, check what A-level subjects and grades you need to get in and, of course, submit and check your application.

“So at 16, when a lot of you are having to choose whether you go to college, do an apprenticeship or train for a particular trade or occupation, we think it’s only right that you get the same guidance and support as those going to university.”

It’s a welcome reminder from the Deputy Prime Minister than traditional university is not the only route to a good career. There are other ways to achieve your dreams that you will now be supported through.

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